The First Post :)

Hi This is Elder Bruce, I hope this blog thing works out.

I am in Grand Junction, Colorado right now. We bike around here all day, people yell “Hail Satan” a lot here. It gets pretty old pretty fast. I don’t even know why they do it. It’s not upsetting or shocking, and definitely not original, it’s just really obnoxious.

My missionary companion, (the guy that the mission assigned to me, for us to go around and teach together) I’m pretty sure, has autism. I want to yell or get mad at him, but I can’t because I would really bad. I’ve been asking our mission president (the guy who oversees the mission and chooses the companionships) for help with this, no response as of yet. It’s been a few weeks and I would really like at least a response from him.

So, this week was really slow, no one is home, no one wants to talk to us. It really makes you depressed after a while. Especially when the only person around to talk to has autism. I thought for a day or so that maybe I have depression, and realized, no, this situation just sucks, a lot.

And in other news, the whole required tracting logs thing is back, in a “fresh” new way, The mission is wanting us to ill out surveys with 20 people a week. So, even though they said they’re going to shy away from missionaries just going out and tracting all day, they are introducing another form of it. And in the political world I believe they call it a “Golden Turd” where you reintroduce a failed idea that now has a new name.

Well that’s all for this week,
-Elder Bruce


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